Security Tips:

At GoodLife, your safety and security is our top priority. Aside from providing security solutions and installations to the Northern Georgia community, we also want to provide some easy home security tips to ensure that your family is as safe at home as possible!

Tip #1

Your home should appear occupied at all times. Use timers to switch lights and radios on and off when you're not there, or leave your outdoor lights on. Perhaps park a car in the driveway if you can, anything to make your home look as if you're still in it!

Tip #2

Conceal the wires of your security solution. A skilled burglar looks for places where he or she can disconnect the security solution. GoodLife does a professional job at concealing all wires on each install.

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Tip #3

Install a home security solution. GoodLife can help you find a security solution that works for you and your family, including an alarm system and surveillance. Modern systems have many smart home features that you can activate from your phone, allowing you to feel confident and secure while you're away.

Tip #4

Keep your back and front yards clean of tools, tree limbs, or anything that someone could use to enter your home. Lock up your tools when they aren't in use, and clear your kids' toys when they aren't playing with them.

Tip #5

Tip #5

Make sure to close your garage doors and lock your cars when they're in the driveway. This will help prevent car break-ins. In the unfortunate event that your car does get broken into, be sure to change the code to your garage door opener.

Tip #6

Remember your security lighting! When you're away from home, it's important to always have a few lights turned on. It's always a good idea to have motion sensored security lighting or outdoor lighting.

Tip #7

Keep your bushes and shrubs around your windows trimmed. This will eliminate any hiding spots for burglars and your landscaping will always look great!

Tip #8

Get a dog! Dogs are great deterrents to burglars. Even a small dog can be effective! Burglars do not want any attention drawn to their presence, so any kind of dog who barks at strange noises can become an untrained guard dog for your home.

Tip #9

Tip #9

Meet your neighbors and form relationships with them! Great neighbors will look out for you and keep an extra eye on your home when you can't. They get used to seeing who frequents your home and will be able to tell if unwelcome visitors arrive!

Tip #10

Tip #10

Instead of keeping a spare key in a mailbox, under the doormat, or on a nail behind the garage, wrap it in foil or place it in an empty can. Bury it where you can easily find it if you need it.

Tip #11

Get a ring doorbell installed for your front porch. This will ensure that when you get packages delivered, you can keep an eye on them. It'll offer protection from burglars who are sure to keep an eye out for cameras like this.

Tip #12

When enjoying your fireplace or outdoor bonfire, create a fire escape plan for your family. Draw a floor plan for the home, identify two ways out of every room, and find an outside location to meet in the event of a fire.

Tip #13

Never disclosure your residential information on social media! When you're away from home, unexpected visitors may see your location online and attempt a break in. Leave your information as vague as possible online.

Tip #14

Don't forget to turn off your indoor or outdoor string lights. It's best to use an outdoor timer or smart outlet to switch lights on and off for you, inspect the lights for frayed wires and broken lamps before hanging, and review how to use a fire extinguisher just in case!

Tip #15

During the holidays, keep your Christmas tree watered. A dry tree is a fire hazard, and looks much better on a proper watering schedule!

Tip #16

Make sure to properly insulate your pipes! The weather is cold and if water is left in your pipes, they could expand, freeze, and eventually burst. Freeze sensors can help with this!

Tip #17

Don't leave notes for people on your door! This is a simple yet effective way to keep intruders out of your home. No notes to your food delivery person, dog walker, or mailman; it screams, "Nobody's home!"

Tip #18

Be vigilant during the day! Did you know most burglaries actually occur during the day while you're gone to work or school? Make sure your security solution is set each morning before you leave your house.

Tip #19

Alarm your windows! Remember to alarm all of your windows. Bonus tip: don't forget the window over your sink! This seems to be a favorite for burglars. Consider motion detectors on second-story entry points, as well.

Tip #20

Own a fireproof safe! A safe will ensure that your valuable items are unharmed and untouched. It's also a good idea to keep receipts of expensive items in a safe for insurance purposes.